Mobile Hearing Tests

The most efficient and cost effective method of providing hearing tests for employees

East Coast Mobile Medical, Inc. (ECMM) recommends onsite mobile hearing testing as it is the most efficient and cost effective method of providing hearing tests for employees. It decreases the overall cost to the employer by reducing the length of time the employee is away from work.

East Coast Mobile Medical:

  • has the ability to test 4 employees at a time up to 12 per hour, further reducing negative impact on workflow.
  • has the capacity to test 100 employees per day
  • performs all test using a certified audiometric technician
  • performs and otoscopic exam on employees
  • provides interpretation of the results to the employees immediately
  • provides referrals for further medical or audiological assessments
  • provides analysis and reporting of audiometric tests
  • optional consultation by a nationally certified audiologist
  • provides secure data management and storage

The report of baseline hearing test results includes the percentage of employees with normal hearing and hearing loss. The data can be subdivided to meet your specific needs e.g. by department, age, or noise exposure level.

The report of annual hearing test results includes the same information as the baseline test report as well as the number of employees experiencing significant shifts in their hearing. This analysis allows for education and monitoring to be tailored to specific groups.

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